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Stalkers has been put on hold at this time.


“We hunt that which hunts humanity. We enter the forbidden night and the blackest chasms stalking the horrors, the terrors, and the abominations. We work outside man’s laws, rising to a higher calling.  Stalkers only recruit proven warriors who have faced death and came away victorious. Not every person can be a Stalker. Some don’t have the one thing that makes them stand out from other warriors. What do you have, fighting ability, wizardry, unerring aim, moving unseen, or just lucky enough to survive long enough to gain the wisdom of a warrior.”

Art for the Game

We are currently creating art for the game cards to make the whole setting more immersive yet playable.  To the right you see our 3d environments being created for the dungeon card set.

Stalkers is an RPG/Card hybrid game of storytelling and adventure. Players will create and play their characters through the missions and operations of the Stalker organization.  The concept of Stalkers RPG is unlike other games in that there is no “dungeon master” or game master position. Instead, there is a Keeper. Every player during the game will be the Keeper. The game has multiple episodes for each adventure and these are broken down into events.  After each event, the Keeper position moves to the next person on the left. The Keeper not only plays their character but must read the appropriate selections of text and roll for the enemy if there is a combat.  Furthermore, if there is any interpretation of the story, the Keeper must decide how to handle it.  If the party is deadlocked in a tie to decide what to do, the Keeper may break the tie.


Most episodes of an adventure are cards laid out in specific location patterns. Story cards are setup alongside the location patterns according to the setting instructions. For example, the Keeper reads the setup instructions and places location cards accordingly. Sometimes the location cards are hidden and sometimes face up. The event cards are placed either alongside the location card area or behind the location card itself. The party marker is placed at the starting place of the episode. Then, the Keeper reads the setting to the other players.  Keeper then moves to the next player, who reads the selection of the first event. Will it be fight, flight, or choose? The players will vote to decide which action they will take. The Keeper will roll all opposing dice and his own character’s.


Characters in Stalkers are not like characters in other RPG games. In many games, you start at a low level with low hit points and almost no skills. What are levels? What are hit points? I know they are to represent the abstract, buy why? Wounds are wounds and experience make you better, right? In Stalkers RPG your character takes wounds! One wound could kill you. Kind of like real life.  Furthermore, this isn’t your character’s first time holding a sword. They are veterans at what they do.  You don’t have levels in real life, you get experience. Once you get experience you learn from it, well hopefully you do. So, Stalkers RPG is a little more realistic in combat and skills and less concerned with ‘abstract’ things like levels and hit points. Furthermore, in all my fighting, I have never seen one person stand there and hit another fighter while he stands there.  Combat is a constant changing situation of attack and counter attack while playing defense at the same time.


GobboTown means monsters. For each published adventure, we plan on releasing the monsters to accompany the game. Although not required for play, these large resin cast figures will bring added excitement to an already exciting game!