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Beta Testing Worlds of War!

December 15, 2016

WarDice: Worlds of War (WWOW) 

During the initial playtesting, we went a few rounds to see how the game played with the new dice.  We discovered cities are important.  The resource gathering took more than a few turns to get my head wrapped around it.  It wasn't easy to do anything.  Supply depots were fixed during play, and the initiative system had to be fixed.  We also had to rearrange the map because it was to easy to stifle the attacking forces and bottleneck them into a corridor of death.  This was a medium campaign map, and defender will have a harder time on the larger map where there will be a lot more room to maneuver.  I have the philosophy that anyone who invades my planet will die!  Bring it Wyrm lovers!  (*Wyrm - referenced from AEON2, it's an awesome game.)

(The picture below shows us working on a digital format of the game.)




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